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Professional Speed Bar ChoicesGo Fast Getting Out of Trouble

Some paragliding pilots are intimidated by using their speed system or lack the knowledge of installing a speed bar. Don’t be… Understand speed bar speed systems will increase the performance and safety of your paraglider. Think of it like a gas pedal for your paraglider.
The best speed bar for you depends on your preferences. At Mac Para you have choices. Regardless of what one you choose, all the Mac Para speed bars are made from high quality thick webbing, strong plastic and Lanex Tendon 3mm Nylon Rope to never let you down. Reinforced stitching and extra strong webbing will help you chase the biggest thermals and have a lifetime warranty. Included your speed bar are two stainless steel Brummel hooks to fit any speed system on your glider.

The 3 designs below have been tested and proven in the real world of paragliding.

  • The Big D Speed Bar – Similar construction to the Ladder speed bar; however, instead of two straight bars there is one bar and a spacious loop we call the D loop. The D loop is protected by high quality flexible plastic tubing. To engage the Big D speed bar, hook your heel into the D loop and then use your other foot to push out the bar that is connected to the loop. This is the bestselling speed system and fits any harness. Weight 0,14 kg/0,30 lbs inclusive Brummelhooks.
  • Light Knight Speed Bar – This black beauty is a dream for paragliding pilots that want to save on weight. It is also a favorite among paramotor pilots that already have enough weight on their back! Not that speed bars weight that much to begin with; but the Light Knight speed bar will hardly be noticeable when you are running to take off. It is dedicated to pilots that want to make every gram count. The Light Knight uses reinforced 3mm Lanex Tendon nylon rope covered with special plastic tubing. It is carefully stitched using webbing to give it form to keep its shape. The Light Knight comes standard with the levity harness. Weight 0,06 kg/0,12 lbs inclusive Brummelhooks.
    * A reminder that the Light Knight speed bar is not made with a straight bar.
  • The Ladder Speed Bar – the name says it all. Like rungs on a ladder, this speed bar is easily used by pushing the bar out and then using your other foot to do the same with the next bar. Two legs for two bars. The Ladder speed bar is reinforced in areas where it counts. It’s Strong, works well and fits any harness. Weight 0,21 kg/0,46 lbs inclusive Brummelhooks.

Tandem Spreader bar

Cockpit – small

Cockpit – with water tank

Foot bar

Towing-Release System

Carbines & Hooks


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